Corporate Affairs Consultancy

  • Consulting service regarding disposition of domestic and overseas assets
  • Negotiation and contract reviewing and drafting
  • Consulting service regarding the calling and conducting of shareholder meetings and board meetings
  • Economic and trading affairs of Mainland China and Taiwan and dispute resolution
  • Consulting service regarding employment relationship
  • The application of the registration, change and dissolving of company
  • Legal and relevant training for employees in the company
  • The proceeding of bankruptcy and reorganization

Intellectual Property Affairs

  • The application and dispute resolution of domestic and international intellectual property rights such as patent, trademark and copyright

Litigation and Non-litigation Affairs

  • Litigation Affairs: Civil, domestic, criminal, petition, administrative, labor law, consumer protection, environmental protection, construction and land, provisional attachment, provisional injunction and other compulsory execution affairs
  • Non-litigation Affairs: Initial Public Offerings, contract reviewing and drafting, witnessing and notarizing documents

Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

  • Dispute mediation and arbitration regarding business affairs and the contract performance of public construction
  • Service by constructive notice and the arbitration of trading affairs in Mainland China